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Hoverfly - Epistrophe eligans

Observed: 27th April 2010 By: yorkieyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
Epistrophe elegans IMG_2042.JPG

Female. Large orange patches on tergite 2, separated by a narrow black bar, narrow orange band on tergite 3.

    Likely ID
    Epistrophe elegans
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
    ID agreements (): 3 People
    • Martin Harvey
      Berkshire Moth GroupFSC - Field Studies CouncilSoldierflies and Allies Recording SchemeBuckinghamshire Invertebrate Group
      Invertebrates expert
    • Matt Smith
      Amateur Entomologists' SocietyBees, Wasps and Ants Recording SocietyDipterists ForumPeople's Trust for Endangered SpeciesTachinid Recording Scheme
      Invertebrates expert
    • dshubble
      Leaf Beetle Recording SchemeSouthampton Natural History Society
      Invertebrates expert
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There is a small typo in your ID, it should be Epistrophe eligans.

(You can usually tell there is a typo when a full species doesn't show the NBN or Encyclopedia of Life links. I tend to type most of the name and then pick it from the little list of options that pops up. Clicking the 'Get Recommended' button is worth doing too as it will put in the current name if it has changed from the one you are using.)


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Sorry, not a typo this time - a genuine error! It's a new species for me and it's my mistake. In the future, I shall follow your advice. Thanks


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I have editted the title of this posting to correct the name of the species, as indicated above.