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Marine brown trout.

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Another example added, a small brown trout caught in salt water in summer 2012 by a friend following big violent floods in the local river. Fish caught close to the river mouth but in completely marine environment.

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    Brown/Sea Trout (Salmo trutta)
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Fascinating! Thanks for

Fascinating! Thanks, Cathal, for sharing this information with us. Extraordinary really that these fish can cope with fresh or salt water with equal facility.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Its quite interesting

Its quite interesting Jonathan. It seems to me that some ordinary brownies have been flushed into the tide by big floods- these fish were encountered in the days after some crazy floods. 4 or 5 such fish were caught by myself and a friend this year in a spot I have fished for years. The only other juvenile S. trutta I have ever encountered in the completely marine environment have been silver fish which youd expect to see there.

This chap above was caught in the process of angling for returning adult sea trout congregating close to a river mouth, in completely saline water on the beach. It took a sandeel imitation- already dining on marine fare it seems. The other species regularly caught in the same spot are pollack, coley, cod and mackerel.

This fish was more than happy in saltwater and didnt show any signs of having gone through the smolting process in order to deal with the salinity. I wonder which environment it is in now and what it looks like?????