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Caterpillar query

Observed: 23rd August 2012 By: steveplantsteveplant’s reputation in Invertebratessteveplant’s reputation in Invertebrates

This was found in close proximety at a site of young woodland, part of the National Forest plantings, which is why I have ticked the 'woodland' box, however the caterpillars were on rough grasses along the edge.

Species interactions

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Species with which Broom Moth Caterpillar (Melanchra pisi) interacts


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Posting photos

I'm not sure on the other two, but hopefully somebody else will be able to help. I like the broom moth one; it's a very striking caterpillar.

Just something to bear in mind for future posts: it would be better to post each of these as a separate observation as there can only ever be one 'likely ID' per post :)


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Re., the Broom moth

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for the Broom moth I.D., good point too re., uploading the photo's seperately, I should have thought of that !

Thanks again,

Steve :-)