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Lecanora gangaleoides ?

Observed: 26th August 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
Ginny B’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGinny B’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGinny B’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Growing in the splash zone on a rock on the upper shore that at most high tides is surrounded by the sea. It looks very white against the grey, acid testing rock. The rather lumpy looking thallus, when scratched appears olive-greenish.
There are a few lecanorine apothecia of approximately 1-2 mm in diameter. I tried scratching the black surface of the fruiting body, but could see no orange and when one was cut in half it appeared a light olive colour below the black surface.
Picture 1 shows the results of chemical testing C- K+.
In picture 2 it is just possible to see tiny black dots on the surface of the thallus, possibly immature apothecia?
In picture 3 shows the edges of the thallus more clearly.
Picture 4 shows some apothecia on what appears to be the same lichen growing on another part of the rock.
Picture 5 shows the habitat.


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