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IMG_2306is Jelly Fish

Observed: 26th August 2012 By: spacemouses

A few about this morning. Various sizes. Any particular 'type'?

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Does that mean these are

Does that mean these are unusual (rare) in my part of the world? There were a couple of others in the water at the end of the pier.

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See the 1st Ispot Aequorea ,

See the 1st Ispot Aequorea , for my comments. I cant find anywhere that says if they're rare or not (but it's not in 2 of the 3 Brit sealife sites, & But says the genus "is often not recognised and any reports are welcome" (dated 2011)(glaucus is the journal of Brit marine life study society). So I phoned the marlin contact no. who said they'd add it to their records so I advise you do the same. By the way this site doesn't appear in either the coastal or marine habitats so you could do to edit it to 1 or the other.
This one again looks to me like Aequorea vitrina

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I tried to report sighting to

I tried to report sighting to, but they made it so DIFFICULT that I gave up! They can do without my sighting!

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Crystal jelly

Battered it may be, but distinctive it is.
David, I know how difficult it is sometimes to the National Bodies to accept a sighting.
By now (18 months later) you will have sorted that but would always be interested to respond to sightings.
Oh if only we had we had this sort of system