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Observed: 25th August 2012 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in Mammals
Hedgehogs, 2012-08-24 and 25 001

I saw a fleeting glimpse of a hedgehog, so I put out a trail camera. It's flared quite a bit, I think it may be because I set it too low.
Anyway, I realised when I looked at the photos and clips it had captured that (a) there were two of them, and (b) these chaps were eating the remains of a chocolate cake that my granddaughter had droped the previous afternoon - you can't get all the crumbs cleared up, whatever you do.
But is chocolate cake good for them, that's the question (and I don't mean will it make them overweight). They certainly like it.

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cannot see

I cannot see a problem with the cake the only thing that I know of that makes them ill is milk as it gives them the runs then they dehydrate and can die.They like dried cat food but your not supposed to give them fish based or fish flavoured food so must also be bad for them.