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What is this, a newt?

Observed: 25th August 2012 By: Elle
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These are lovely creatures; it's a nice find. I'd just like to make you aware that this is a protected species and shouldn't normally be handled, except by somebody holding a licence to do so. I don't wish to put you off because it's great that you're interested in identifying it, but just bear this in mind for next time :)

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Hi thanks, I'm aware that

Hi thanks, I'm aware that great crested newts are protected, and to be handled by those with a license, but figured that a live one would be more beneficial to the environment than a squashed one, and as there were no licensed individuals around, I took the risk of moving the newt off the path out of reach of the passing cyclists myself, taking a quick pic to confirm the identification whilst doing so. Thanks for the advice anyway :)