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Persicaria maculosa_12-08-25_0002

Observed: 25th August 2012 By: PaulChallinorPaulChallinor’s reputation in PlantsPaulChallinor’s reputation in PlantsPaulChallinor’s reputation in PlantsPaulChallinor’s reputation in Plants
Persicaria maculosa_12-08-25_0002
Persicaria maculosa_12-08-25_0004

observed growing in the hedgeroom to the entrance to the Newport Wetlands Reserve.

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Orphys -

This was not in an aquaatic environment, but on a very hedgerow. Is it possible to be Persicaria amphibia. I'm new to this so your help is greatfully appreciated.

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I was going on the rather stiff, upright habit. Amphibious Bistort has a very different appearance in its terrestrial form, so it could well be this species.


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Aha - I didn't think there

Aha - I didn't think there was a terrestial form. I'm taking this too literally! Thanks as ever for the pointers.

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This one has caught me out -

in the past (not that this is difficult to do!)
The "terrestrial" form is quite different to the aquatic one.

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The name comes from the same root as for amphibians like frogs which live both on land and in water.