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Green carabid beetle

Observed: 18th August 2012 By: jacintam

Picture taken in Bialowieza Forest, Poland. Identified as potential Protaetia cuprea by an expert entomologist. Put up here for my first use of the website!

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Which scarab?

This could well be Protaetia cuprea, especially if they're common in fabulous Bialowieza (know it well..) but there are a lot of very similar scarab beetles in Europe (NB this is a flower-feeding scarab beetle, not a carabid - a predatory ground beetle). It does look like a family Cetoniidae beetle, but I couldn't begin to say which species this is. Check the variety of Cetoniidae on this website to see the problem! www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/INSECTA__Coleoptera__Cetoniidae__03.html There are several pages of similar species eg other Protaetia species, Cetonia aurata etc.

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.

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Sorry for the delay!

Hi Nick,

I just seen this now after I installed the app on my phone! I didn't get any email notification to say you had commented on my (first!) observation! Glad to hear you have been in the wonderful Bialowieza. I should upload more observations. I have gathered a few pics of beetles because they stay still for long enough :-) Any identification more than 'beetle' is appreciated, thanks for the extra info on this one!