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Female Common Blue vs Argus ?

Observed: 23rd July 2012 By: sparkysparky’s reputation in Invertebratessparky’s reputation in Invertebratessparky’s reputation in Invertebrates

I've plumped for the former as there were a few Common Blues around using the principle that if it looks and sounds like a duck it is probably a duck!

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I think a Brown Argus

I think a Brown Argus wouldn't have the lowest spot on the underside of the forewing - the one that's nearest the butterfly's head. An Argus has the arc of black spots on buff and then the large one in the middle of the arc but then no more below that. I may be telling you something you already know - if so, forgive me!

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Thanks Dluogs!

Thanks for the extra information which was indeed completely new to me! KRgds