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Moth species

Observed: 24th August 2012 By: BenConnorBenConnor’s reputation in InvertebratesBenConnor’s reputation in Invertebrates
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A moth species found in my bathroom this morning!

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Clearly a Plume moth, but hard to tell which without some more detail.

Bill Welch

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Amblyptilia acanthadactyla

It seems to be Amblyptilia acanthadactyla - see The wing pattern and shape, plus the fact that there are two visible "scale-teeth" projecting behind each pair of wings, and the reddish-brown colour rule out the other British species.

Donald Hobern

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I think Donald's suggestion is the most likely, but personally I'd be reluctant to rely on the colour from the photos, which can mislead. I'd be tempted to stick to genus level, as I'm not sure we can completely rule out A. punctidactyla?

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