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Field Guide to Fungi

Currently I own the Blacks nature guides: Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe and i'm looking to buy another guide on fungi. I have been unable to find one and I was wondering if anyone would reccomend one.
Any help much appreciated



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The guide by Roger Philips seems a popular one although given its size (about A4 page size) it is not really a field guide.

Most (possibly all) the content of it is now available free online at

David Howdon

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I use Roger Philips and Michael Jordan both A4 but both very good general books.I personally do not take a guide with me I take lots of photos and write down measurements of stem,cap also a brief description of habitat,smell if any ect and a sample of each fungi is put in my basket and taken home for spore prints and further examination.I also have started to buy books solely about one genus as they have all of the group in not just a few which the general books have.I think the Collins book is smaller and is classed as a general field guide but this is the old one not the one that has just been published.


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See comment

See comment here:
on the new collins guide.

I used to take out a couple of field guides with me on all fungi trips as looking the species up in the field always helped to make sure you looked at all the right characters (see some of my recent observations where I have missed out vital bits of info!).

However more recently as getting older am less able to carry loads of heavy books and maps along with camera and tripod etc so tending to take the photo and carry out any tests in field that I remember and check the books later. I would NOT recommend this method especially if you are not very familiar with fungi as you will always get back home and think why did I just not check x in the field.

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Field guide.

Thanks for the help (I've nearly made my mind up!)

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Just a thought.

I use Jordans and Philips as 'Bibles' but also rely on the smaller books for quick info and then do double checking against them.
I like Black's but my favourite is Collins 'A Photographic guide to every common species - Complete Guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools'.
I use the RSPB / DK Pocket Nature 'Fungi, a photographic guide to British and European Fungi' a lot. It is organised more on colour, has lots of views and offers similar species to check as well although it is not as comprehensive. It is a handy size to take on a walk and each entry has a size guide comparing it to the book (good idea for quick check).
The 'Field Guide to Mushrooms and other Fungi of Britain and Europe'ISBN 978-1-84537-474-7 (can't see who it is by) features a fruiting season for each species at a glance and has good descriptions of typical features and a mix of photos and illustrations.
It is a good idea to have a couple of books (at least) because photos and illustrations can vary in detail and colour and so look quite unlike the specimen before you!
I also use
to name a few ....
Hope this helps and is not too late or confusing!

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