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Scissor-tail sergeant

Observed: 21st March 2008 By: moshira
Scissor-tail sergeant

Scissor-tail sergeant
Damselfishes - Pomacentridae
In the northern Red Sea this species can be confused with the Indo=Pacific sergeant (A. vaigensis).
Abudefduf sexfasciatus can be distinguished by
1) 4 black stripes on the body AND a black "scissor" on the tail.
2) The back of the fish is NOT yellow
3) the 4th stripe extends well into the dorsal and anal fin
3) Fish length: 15-17cm (larger than A.vaigiensis)

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Bad show

I don't think there's much doubt about this but it's appalling that no-one in six years has been here to encourage moshira.
An excellent description and perfect ID -
I have made it Likely