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Observed: 9th August 2012 By: BDeed
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I couldn't even say if this was a fungus or a gall! I broke one in half and it was solid while like a peanut. Each sphere was around 1~2 mm diameter and they were growing(?) on dead Marram grass on a coastal sand-dune.

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Insect eggs

Probably a moth of some kind would be my first guess.

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They seems far too tough to be eggs and completely solid on the inside?

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Moth eggs as vinny suggests

Moth eggs as vinny suggests would have been my first guess too. Can't think of fungus or gall that looks like this and appears on marram, intriguing though. Perhaps if you change the group to invertebrates then more people may see it and have other suggestions.

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Thanks Vinny and Mike, group changed! Shall see what we get.

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The Drinker

It is seeming that eggs are most likely, i am so resistant because they were so hard in the hand and not at all what i would expect from an invert egg!

However, i also found a Drinker moth on the same stretch of Dune so they are certainly about...