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Dolphin ardersierAug2012

Observed: 23rd August 2012 By: CaraDonaldWork
dolphin ardersierAug2012
dolphin ardersier2012 full length
dorsal fin aug2012
back markings aug2012

Short beaked, very distinct white underbelly and beak and contrasting dark fins, dorsal
Possibly white beaked dolphin but any other suggestions?

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I think it is but have you

I think it is but have you any shots showing the back?

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oh dear

What a shame to see it like that :(

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i know! such a shame...

i know! such a shame...

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White-beaked dolphin

There is nothing else this could be with the white, stout beak, heavy curved dorsal fin in the centre of its body and a pale stripe across the back behind the dorsal fin - faint in this dead animal but still observable.

Impossible to say what as caused its death; the three scratches are old, healed scars possibly from a run in with a killer whale or large shark. Actually, on second thoughts, the distance between the scars is possibly too large for teeth marks - may be from a small propeller.

Graham Banwell

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this poor fellow has had a run in with a boat propellor.