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Aspicilia leprosescens?

Observed: 22nd August 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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P1030925_crop grey crumbly w minute apothecia
P1030933_unknown grey lichen crop

A grey crustose lichen testing C- K-; growing on the south-facing side of an acid rock on the seashore. As you can see it is interspersed with Caloplaca marina. With a hand lens the thallus appears granular with minute, sparsely scattered black-centred ‘jam tart’ apothecia (approximately 0.5mm) with thin white edging.
Picture 1 is the best detail I can get. I’ve tried to get better, but it is just too small for my camera to pick up. Picture 2 shows it on another part of the rock.
I think this might perhaps be Aspicilia leprosescens, but I don’t know for sure.


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I think there is a good chance you are right on this, Ginny. It has the right look to it and your notes match it too. However, the minute surface details are so important that I don't feel I can formally add agreement.

I agree, it is a nasty beast to photograph.


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I wish I could see its detail better

Thanks for your comment, Alan. Yes it certainly is a nasty beast to photograph!

I really wish I could see this one's detail better to be able to describe it as I should, but even with a hand lens I can't see it clearly enough. I think I need a lens with stronger magnification - or you alongside me when I look at all the different lichens on this rock; some of them are very small indeed.

There are other tiny lichens on the same rock that I'm also having trouble with. I'll keep going back to try to get better details than I've managed so far.


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Hand lenses

Hi Ginny,
For years I used x10 hand lenses with plastic lenses. Now I have a x10 23mm glass lens from Opticron. A great improvement. They do higher mags too.


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Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip, JoC. I'll have a look.


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New hand lens

I've bought myself a new x10 23mm glass lens and find it much better than the one I had before and can now see the detail of the thallus much better.

Unfortunately I will need a new and probably expensive camera too in order to show the required detail.