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Unknown Prunus

Observed: 27th April 2010 By: mossylog
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I don't recall sloe berries on this young tree. It is likely a native tree as I aquired it from London Wildlife Centre.

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Fruits needed

Without fruits, anything beyond prunus sp. or hybrid, or cultivar, would be an educated guess at best.
There are at least 6 very different prunus in flower within 50 feet of where I am sitting at this moment. One is pink, one is double, the rest all look very similar when considered as flowers and twigs.

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OK thanks Kluut. I shall hold my breath till it fruits then!

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I planted a mixed hedge along one side of a small paddock about 8 years ago, using 12-24 inch bare-root whips. That includes sloe (blackthorn - p. spinosus) and myrobalan plum (p. cerasifera)- they have fruited for at least the past 2 years, probably longer.
I am unsure about polination of these - are they self-fertile (not normally a concern in a hedge) - but have you never seen any fruit?

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If it were blackthorn/sloe, it would have lots of spines - I don't see any. Anything so obvious as spines I would have thought would have been mentioned by mossylog.
If it is blackthorn, it is singularly unsuited as a garden plant - it suckers like crazy.

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No thorns

It doesn't seem to have any thorns. I might have been alerted to it's identity better if it did