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Dragonfly or darter?

Observed: 5th August 2012 By: DHPainterDHPainter’s reputation in InvertebratesDHPainter’s reputation in Invertebrates
dragonfly or darter casing?

discovered whilst clearing out some reeds from my pond on my allotment


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Said creature had already left..

..this is just a husk..

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They way i understand it is at the larva of Dragonflies have a much stubbier abdomen then this, so this may be a Damselfly larval husk? I can't be sure though, just the other day i confused Damselflies with Birds...

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thanks BDeed, yes when I'm driving I catch sight of something in the sky, obviously I can't look at it properly, I say 'ooh big bird, is it a kite?' to which the reply is usually 'no Dawn it's a small light aircraft'.