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Observed: 22nd August 2012 By: Bev
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Large wasp-like insect with distinctive markings. Much larger than a wasp, which was why I spotted it from across the garden!

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Hornet mimic

A Hornet mimic hover fly.

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Hornet hoverfly survey

You can see yours is a female Hornet Hoverfly- Eyes are clearly separated by a yellow stripe (Male Eyes meet at the top no separation)
Buglife are doing Hornet hoverfly survey it’s a really quick form to fill In.


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Just done the survey thanks to Rose

Ispot has confirmed my Id .Chinery book did not mention female yellow stripe so I was uncertain til I saw this Id,thank you all, will now submit mine.

Hazel Trevan

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Hornet hoverfly survey

Hi Rose
Sorry for the dealy - been on holiday! Thanks for the ID and I have just completed the survey.