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Observed: 19th August 2012 By: beachcombercoconut
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Froglet 2

I think this may be a young common frog. I am unsure how to identify this species correctly, any advice much appreciated.

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ID comment

I think the warty skin and blunt nose make this a toad, the legs look like they are made for walking rather than jumping. I think anyway.

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Froglets and Toadlets

I find that you can generally apply the same speciation points to the emerging babies as to the adults. At the time of emerging you can see that froglets have smooth skin, longer back legs, pointy snouts and tend to be lighter, whereas the toadlets have tiny but visible warts, shorter back legs, blunter snouts and tend to be darker, even black, especially when damp, and a tendency to crawl rather than hop. They are also much tinier than froglets on emerging from the water, almost looking like tiny insects. Problem is you really need both in front of you to check the differences at this size! These pics clearly show the warts and as Chris says, legs made for walking rather than jumping, so I agree that this is a toadlet.

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Thank you to Chris and

Thank you to Chris and TheTlady for the very helpful comments. I agree that the skin was warty and actually what I should have noted was that this little guy did walk away when I was photographing him rather than hop away. I hadn't noticed the blunt nose but this does appear very similar to a larger toad I saw a few months ago. So thanks for the correction on the ID as it would seem this is a common toad, bufo bufo.
Thanks again