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Observed: 19th August 2012 By: eco-geekeco-geek’s reputation in Invertebrateseco-geek’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Species with which Barred Chestnut (Diarsia dahlii) interacts


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Hi Eco-geek, Is it really as

Hi Eco-geek,

Is it really as purple as it appears? A purplish species flying now which can be easily confused with Purple Clay is the Barred Chestnut. Although your moth is worn it looks like it might have Barred Chestnut like marking? Purple Clay flies earlier in the summer.


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Square-spot Rustic

The markings suggest this species, but the colour balance in the picture makes it difficult to reach a firm conclusion.

Robert Homan

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Hi Robert, Yeah you are more

Hi Robert,

Yeah you are more than likely correct, markings would be better for Square-spot Rustic than the Barred Chestnut Ive suggested. I'm putting way too much emphasis on that purple colour. BC probably wouldnt have as large and obvious stigma.


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Looking at this one again,

Looking at this one again, the only reason I can see which led me to suggest Barred chestnut must have been the purplish hue and the date of the observation. I dont see this as Barred chestnut at all and Robert suggestion is probably much better. The colours are a bit odd.