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No Reputations -> No Likely IDs

There seems to be a slight issue with the 'Other Organisms' group.

As far as I can see there are no pre-defined experts, so no-one can start acquiring a reputation in the group, therefore however many agreements an entry receives it remains as an 'initial ID' rather than a 'likely ID', and will remain forever in the 'Current feature: help confirm older observations' window!

(Assuming my understanding of the working is correct. :) )



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other organisms

That's quite correct, Dioctria. Our intention was that once something in the "Other organisms" category has been identified, at least to group level, it can then be moved to the correct group, where the normal reputation rules apply (observations can be moved simply by editing them and changing the group setting).

We're currently thinking of removing the "other organisms" from the "confirm older observations" feature.

However, we could re-think this and start using the reputation system within the other organisms section - we didn't do this to start with because it seemed odd to be gaining reputation/expertise in a group that is by definition so ill-defined! But perhaps we should allow people to build up a reputation for identifying other organisms - what do you think?

I still think that whatever happens with the reputation system it would be ideal for observations to be moved into the correct group wherever possible.

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Other organisms

Yes, thinking about it, I agree with you. A reputation in other organisms would just imply a broad knowledge of different groups which isn't quite the same as being an expert.

I definitely agree that identified organisms should be moved to the correct group. However I think it might need a bit of admin clean-up of old observations now and again as users might not know / might forget / might not be sure when to reclassify. Not that I want to add any burden to the site admins! :)

(I did put a myxomycete in other organisms recently, thinking it wasn't strictly fungi and lichens, but as other organisms is really for unknowns I'll move it across now.)



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Other Organisms

The problem at the moment is that sightings when identified are seldom moved to the correct category despite requests to do so being made to the author.

Without a reputation system in Other Organisms the first ID prevails even if it is wrong. By this I mean the related carousel sightings always relate to the first ID. When a correct and subsequent ID is added the carousel sightings do not change and there is no "likely ID".

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An alternative way of implementing likely IDs ...

... is to use the group to which the taxon belongs, rather than the group that the observation is assigned to.

For example, if someone puts up a plant gall under Plants (as often happens), and I identify it, iSpot would use my Invertebrates (or Fungi) reputation, rather than my Plants reputation.

Such a strategy should generate likely IDs for many of the observations under Other Organisms.

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That option is an attractive one, thanks, but would require some fairly substantial programming changes to make it work. I'll certainly add it to the list for future consideration.

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