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Cladonia spp

Observed: 18th August 2012 By: Ginny B
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Cladonia spp
P1030836_Cladonia sp crop sml

Growing on an east-facing sandy bank at the edge of a spruce plantation. I think these are two different Cladonia species. The thicker and whiter looking one with the red fruiting bodies on the right of the picture I believe to be Cladonia polydactyla.
I think the one in the foreground could perhaps be Cladonia furcata. It is fairly dry in this photo but when wet is a greener grey with a little brown towards the tips. With a hand lens it is possible to see that where it branches, mostly into two, there appears to be a hollow in the fork and that the extreme tips are very dark brown, possibly pycnidia, but too small for me to see.
Picture 2 shows it growing lower down the bank on the path edge – almost invisible in the moss and needles.


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I also agree

that the red-fruited one is C. polydactyla. (Very grey, finely sorediate, forming small cups.)


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Thanks for the confirmation

Thanks for the confirmation on both lichens, Alan. It is rather nice to get it right on occasion and I've been a bit stumped by a few very small lichens on rocks recently, so this has given my morale a bit of a boost!