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We are being forced to look at relocating to western Cambridgeshire. Assuming we ever manage to sell our house and complete the move, I'd like to live within a walk/cycle of somewhere interesting. Any recommendations for reserves/wildlife sites? Wildlife Trust web sites are not always too informative.
I'm particularly fond of reptiles and amphibians, but any wildlife will do: just looking for places that I can make interested noises about when yet another estate agent's mail arrives!

Updated: changed the location after the final meeting - looks like Peterborough area now!



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Peterborough area

You're in luck - loads of exciting places in the Soke of Peterborough! See my recent plant observations from Castor Hanglands. Then there's Dogsthorpe Star Pit - that should cover your main interests. The BCN Wildlife Trust is actually really good and active and encourages interested volunteers to help monitor wildlife on their reserves.
Best wishes for your move!

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Thanks -

I've been looking at some very interesting sites, but hadn't identified those two yet.
Now to start persuading She Who Must Be Obeyed that they are in really handy locations...

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Yes, I can recommend Peterborough. Cycling distance to about 8 National Nature Reserves, and enough non-statutory interesting bits in between. Star Pit at Dogsthorpe used to be fantastic before it filled up with water - a cock-up during the SSSI notification process. I hear it is still interesting but for a different suite of species. Shame about the soutern township. That destroyed a vast area of probably unique wetland habitat.

But I would buy a house well above sea level.

John Bratton (Peterborough 1986-1997)

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Thanks, John -

We're actually now living in Sawtry, so have already visited a few sites. Most are currently under water, though...
Actually saw a Red Kite over the house this morning while putting bird food out.