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Pink & green grasshoppers

Observed: 14th August 2012 By: carmelcarmel’s reputation in Invertebrates

pink and green versions of same grasshopper species?

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The pink one is stunning. But struggling to confirm to species - they both seem most like Common Green Grasshopper but the i.d. guides say that there should be no red on the abdomen.

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Common Green Grasshopper

I agree that these are both Common Green Grasshopper - would you like to add an identification with the scientific name so we can agree with it? (The name is Omocestus viridulus, but if you pick "Common Green Grasshopper" off the English name list and then click on "Get recommended" it will be filled in automatically.)

The books do say that there is no red or orange on the abdomen of Common Green, but pink is allowed! I've seen very pink individuals before, although yours is an especially rich and deep pink - a lovely insect.

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Omocestus viridulus

Thanks Martin for confirming the id, and showing me how to add the Latin name (it's my first venture onto ispot).

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Pink hopper

I actually have a pic of a Pink hopper too from a few weeks ago in Cumbria, both juvenile and adult completely coloured! It must be a good year for them!