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Observed: 18th July 2012 By: RogerRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in Plants

This pant is one of six that appeared at this location, and was unusual in that the leaves did not contain any chlorophyl. Apparantly this can occasionaly occur in this species.There were also some green leaved ones nearby.

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f. albifolia

"ghost" helleborines are not unknown. For example there are two records for the next county over - I found one last year (which was also reported by another person about a week later), and another was found this year by a person surveying orchids about 10 miles east of that.

There are a number of names that have been applied to this form. I've labelled my photograph as f. albifolia, but I can't be confident that this is the correct name under the IC(B)N.

Googling ("achlorophyllous helleborine site:uk) finds mentions of records from Lincolnshire and Sussex