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Help with ID of this organism please?

Observed: 14th August 2012 By: snowkirsten
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
120814 Priory Fields grassland to be IDd photo - KB
120814 Priory Fields grassland to be IDd photo 2 - KB
120814 Priory Fields grassland to be IDd photo 3 - KB

Found in grassland near Hull, low down in the thatch of tall grasses (Yorkshire fog & false oat-grass chiefly present). I left it where it was on the dead grass blade. Please let me know if you have any ideas what this might be. Thanks!


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Sorry, not something I recognise, will be intrigued to find out what it is if anyone does know!

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fungus on insect

I contacted Malcolm Storey (of to see if he knew what this was, and he says:
"It’s a fungus-infected insect. The fungus is Hirsutella (or something near that). Hirsutella are the imperfect (= asexual, = mould) stage of some species of Ophiocordyceps or Torrubiella. The same order as Cordyceps militaris which produces the orange sexual fruitbodies on Lepidoptera caterpillars."

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Excellent, have taken your advice & move it to the Fungi section. Thanks for your help!