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Green Leafhopper

Observed: 18th July 2009 By: JaseJJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in Invertebrates
Green Leafhopper (female)

Female Green Leafhopper, sat on a clover leaf. Quite hard to see when still, but a noticeable flash from the turquoise wings when it hops.

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green leafhopper

Unless there's a similar species I don't know about (which there might well be!) then this is certainly a green leafhopper. I've never found one in Dorset but I do often see the introduced rhodedendron leafhopper, which is similar but with magenta stripes along the wing cases.

Bob Ford

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Rhodedendron leafhopper

I've never come across these, do they eat rhodedendron? Having spent what feels like years on various nature reserves cutting down rhodedendron anything that eats them has to be good in my book. However, like most attempts at biological control no doubt it prefers some rare ingdiginous species!

The photo certainly looks like the green leafhoppers I'm used to.

Graham Banwell

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The Rhododendron Leafhopper can be seen at:

It's a bit smaller that the green leafhopper photographed above by JaseJ, but very pretty! The British Bugs site says it is "found widely in southern Britain", so perhaps not in your patch yet. Furthest north I've seen it is the Brickhills, near Milton Keynes (but I haven't often looked for it anywhere else).

And yes they do eat Rhododendron, or at least suck its sap. Don't think they kill it off though!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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rhododendron leafhoppper

My book say it comes from North America, which is odd because rhododendrons don't!

Bob Ford

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Thanks for the ID - had one

Thanks for the ID - had one the other day as well!

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USA rhododendrons

Wikipedia implies that there are a few rhodos native to America:

Entomologist and biological recorder