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Slug Eggs / Snail Eggs

Observed: 13th August 2012 By: JevoUK

Found these in the soil as we were digging.
They are slightly sticky but only stick to each other.
They are also soft to touch and are about 3mm in diameter, I didn't notice any black specks inside them.

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Species with which Snail or Slug eggs (Mollusca) interacts


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These look like slug or snail eggs. Perhaps you could move this observation to the 'invertebrates' category. You can do this by selecting the 'edit' tab above the photo and changing the 'group' drop-down to 'invertebrates'. Then this is more likely to be seen by someone who can provide a more precise ID than mine :)

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Thank you, I do get lots of both Snails & Slugs. I have moved it to the Invertebrates category as you recommended.