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Owl pellet with fur, bones and grain husks.

Observed: 11th August 2012 By: TheTlady

3cm long owl pellet containing fur, bones and grain husks.

  • Owl pellet
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Can you describe what the owl looks like? Is it white like a Barn Owl, or brown like a Tawny Owl?


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Sadly not, as I did not see it myself! From what my friends said though, I think it unlikely that it was a Barn Owl, as they had not noticed it being white.

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It does look like an owl pellet, albeit an owl with strange habits & a stranger diet! I haven't looked it up yet, but why not dissect out the pellet properly, so you can see the contents clearly? There is an old but excellent guide to the analysis of owl pellet contents. You soak the pellet to soften it & then separate out all the parts with tweezers & probes. You might like to soak the pellet in mild disinfectant solution, rinsing in clear water before attempting the task. It is addictive! It is still possible to obtain the leaflet by Derek Yalden from Amazon:

The identification of remains in owl pellets (An occasional publication of the Mammal Society) by D. W Yalden (1977)

As for the wheat - maybe it was stuck to the mammal that was eaten. Owls swallow their prey whole.