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Tree identification needed

Observed: 14th August 2012 By: Elise

This is growing in my small front garden. I am worried it might be an alder and if so this is a problem as it is very close to the house and water mains. Could someone please identify it for me and if possible provide advice as to whether it would cause a problem in this vicinity please?

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tree identification needed

I don't think it can be an elm because the seeds on it are completely different. I don't have a seed picture unfortunately. When I first saw the catkins I thought it was a hazel nut and because it was practically growing out of the wall, like hazels do and because we have a lot of wild hazels here. But then it produced a seed that was much more like an alder and not a nut, so this made me think it belonged to that family because alder produces male catkins like hazel does. But then I looked up the leaf and couldn't find an alder with that distinctive leaf shape. I looked up the seeds of elm and the seeds on my specimen aren’t anything like an elm plus the leaf on an elm is rounder - so still need identification please. Thank you!