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Labrador violet

Observed: 22nd April 2010 By: mossylog
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Dark red-purple quite rounded leaves and pale violet flower, self-seeded all over in paving and garden

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Not Common Dog-violet

I've had Viola labradorica in my garden/tubs for many years and the round, purplish leaves are distinctive. Dog-violet has green leaves so I believe my ID is the correct one.
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The plant commonly grown in

The plant commonly grown in gardens as Viola labradorica is in fact a purple leaved form of Viola riviniana.

The true Viola labradorica is rarely grown in the UK - here is a link which shows pictures of the true species

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In horticultural if not botanical accounts, the so-called Labrador violet of gardens is usually named V. riviniana labradorica.
Pretty enough but invasive and commonly sets seed cleistogamously so that you get no flowers - I saw none in the few years it romped here, before it was composted.

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Viola riviniana

Very interesting discussion. As far as I know, true V. labradorica has not been found in the UK. As Kluut says the usual violet leaved form found in UK gardens is a var of V. riviniana. What one really needs to do is compare the specimen in the photo with the type descriptions of both species.

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