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A nice threesome and some ducks

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A nice threesome and some ducks

Whooper in centre of pic

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Whooper paparazzo

It'll be taking out an injunction against you soon, John!



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Ha Ha!

Yes, You're probably right, but I just can't help myself. He/she really has become a bit of a celeb. I keep meeting people who have come down to see it and what I find fascinating is that even amongst non- birders they tell me they have been reading up on the species. I think that is just great.
PS: It disappeared for a couple of days last week and I was a bit worried - but it's back again. How can one resist taking pic?

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Paparazzo (PPS)

I forgot to mention. 'Whoops' and everyone else might be able to relax for a bit. Today's posts could be the last for some time. I had a bit of an accident today resulting in my camera ending up immersed in a stream. It is now dead and currently, because I can't find a screwdriver small enough to open it up, sitting on top of a radiator in a vain/desperate attempt to dry it out!

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Try using silica gel sachets,

Try using silica gel sachets, as found in shoes & small electrical items, placing them in a container with the item to be dried out.
Works with flowers for dried arrangements, so why not a soggy camera.


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silica gel

Thanks for the suggestion, Gareth. I'll have a look for some. I know I have some lying around somewhere.