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Herb garden plant

Observed: 14th August 2012 By: herbieherbie’s reputation in Plants
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Help welcome identifying this plant found in a herb garden. Sprawling habit. 80cm wide, 40cm high. Square hairy stems. Leaves opposite roughly obovate, short stalk, stipules, toothed slightly towards tip, 2-3cm length. Dark glossy green above no hairs, light green slightly hairy below. Flowers pink/lilac, 1 cm length, short stalked mostly in pairs.

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Having another closer look

Having another closer look with wall germander in mind I'd go with that suggestion. Calyx teeth all tally too. Chalk rock round here too where it is often found. Thanks very much.

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I think you will find that Wall Germander is an unusual garden escape and whatever is often found on your local chalk is something else. Perhaps you could post a photo or two?