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I assume the 2nd is a baby one

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from the circle in the 2nd

from the circle in the 2nd pic,2.2cm in circumference, the bigger one is 1.5cm (can reach 4cm) & smaller 1cm

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Nice record! The species name

Nice record! The species name is not linking to the NBN (even though it is correct) but on the NBN there are very few records for this species from South East Wales. It might be good to pass the record on to SEWBREC ( It might be to get the link to the NBN map it is better to select the name from the drop down list rather than just type it in?

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I did actually do that & the name was there,(either on this post or the next where I posted the baby separately),& a previous post of 1 found at Rhossili hasnt got the link either, though the only other post by Paula Lightfoot (before all mine) has.
(did you agree with my identification then?)
Sepia officinalis: 2 had EOL,all 5 from 11/12/11 on didnt (incldg yr 2 ID's)
Cancer pagurus 1st 6 tried,no EOL

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same again

I've just encountered the same in posting a lobster, but made sure to get the dropdown for both latin & common (eg changing common loster to lobster),yet no EOL link. a search for H.g. gave just 1 other by nightfly, but switching to identifications a 3rd which did have the eol. The same problem with the only 2 identifications of acteon tornatilis by nick upton, but more tellingly with Lepas anatifera,with many observns all without EOL.
It doesn't seem to be a current problem as much as a species problem.
(worth a forum entry but I've just done 2).
You can check these with a dummy post (no photo needed) & then delete it, which i've done with Lepas anatifera, giving no EOL

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data duplication

Lovely photo! I believe records of marine species are sent from iSpot to DASSH (MBA) for archiving and sharing, so sending the record to SEWBREC as well might duplicate data. I hope the issue with the dropdown names not appearing was just a temporary bug?!

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I'm not surprised the EOL

I'm not surprised the EOL link didn't work as EOL is an American website and doesn't always use NBN compatible names (as well as americanised common names). Personally I still think it's good practice to send data to a local record centre as that way the data is accessible for local data searches. Records are often passed on by LRCs to national recording schemes (but data doesn't usually come back the other way).

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Well I'll go with Paula for

Well I'll go with Paula for now, but if you agreed the id it might sway me

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The dropdown failure seems

The dropdown failure seems pretty big right now (at least in marine inverts) ; I reported in a forum & they're working on it.
On reporting sightings I ID'd an Aequorea (18cm hydro-medusa)sighting by Peggy Semler from Skye in July; & as said the genus wasn't often recognised & any reports welcomed, (& it isn't in Marlin/ habitas/ Hayward-Collins) I phoned Marlin who were interested & said they'd add it to their records, actually phoned the Marlin contact no.(11/12 days after it went on Ispot) & they said they w. interested & would add it to their records (having looked it up on Ispot). N.B. a gt photo & she returned 9 days on to get a better. Now there's a 2nd from Hebrides & Spacemouses tried reporting it to Glaucus but fd they made it too difficult. I'm wondering if I should report this one (eg phone again). Aequorea is a hydro-medusa (5-18cm)

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Proof of magic, you see Chris. NBN and all that.
This post was made well before my iSpot investiture and I hadn't been before because, well, it's not Marine!
Actually I had noticed the phenomenon (of transfer to UKSI) before and had seen it as a temporary glitch - perhaps it is and perhaps we'll all be healed

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Well this new problem's one

Well this new problem's one of communities it seems; I've somewhere a list of all my spots that've failed to be linked; my trichodes alvearius is interestingly the only 1 without links, & I assume I must have posted it in global (but only by reposting it in uk& Ireland could i be sure). Those that are recognised are in the UKSI list (though like mine they're all foreign sightings); as, surprisingly it's in the NBN gateway, status extinct! ( became so in 1800's, see
The only Trichodes in the CoL list is the american Trichodes nuttali
[ED:-mended broken beetle link]

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I am here (again) because of the value of Other Observations seen in an old post by Paula.
As we blunder on, despite the Global Bug, it seems more and more important to me that Admin should get abreast of the issue.
Some nice pics here
Actually it's a brilliant site.
This post is still not tagged Marine.

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All my early seashore posts

All my early seashore posts were coastal, as were most peoples' ( on assumption that marine was for divers & fishermen etc.)
V. interesting site, though "not tested" accdg to McAfee (Ispot's also "not tested" though)