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Jumping invertebrate

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: JosephineJosephine’s reputation in Invertebrates

dark brown, biggest probably 5-6 mm body length, big jumpers lots found in some leaf litter on dark corner of patio

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These look like amphipods,

These look like amphipods, but the only terrestrial ones I know are the 'sand hoppers' you tend to find on the beach - I've never found them in leaf litter before.

Rob Coleman

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Jumping Beasts

My first thought was a bristletail (related to silverfish) - but I cannot see the long antennae these are shown as having. A larva of some kind?

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I think there are 2 species

I think there are 2 species of this genus in britain and I don't know how to tell the difference. The other is Arcitalitrus sylvaticus. They are an invasive species from australia and seem to be everywhere where I live. It seems strange how little information on them is available given their apparent abundance

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Arcitalitrus sylvaticus and A. dorrienii are the same species!

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Land Shrimps

I had my son do a survey of 'bug' under pots/rocks ect in order we had some data to practice maths with. He came accross 'hoppy things' which I have previously seen in the garden and thought they we some kind of freshwater/land shrimp and set him the task to find out. This has proved very difficult as they do not appear to be in any British bug books we have or find anything online..except here. He found them exclusively under rocks. So are these true shrimps and can they live on land and in water? Live in Mid Sussex