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Type of mint

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about 25cm high

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Mentha aquatica has terminal heads, so it can be easily eliminated. Several others require close examination and cannot be done from a photo.


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Ah good

I could see it was not M. aquatica but had just decided to duck trying to sort it when I saw your post.

I concur - I suspect a mint specialist might be able to do it on subtle characters (maybe starting with M, arvensis?), but my basic attitude to mints is that if they are not in my vice-county, they are someone else's problem.


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Other mints with no terminal flowerhead

Mentha arvensis is a possible ID, as I hinted in my post above.

But the point is not separating it from M. aquatica, but separating it from such taxa as Whorled Mint (Mentha x verticillata) or Bushy Mint (M. x gracilis), which also have no heads of flowers above the leaves. Personally I agree with Cicuta58 that this cannot be done from the photograph (unless by a specialist who has a feel for subtle vegetative characters).

After looking at the photo at maximum size, I think it is probably NOT M. arvensis. Consequently I have added my agreement to identification just to genus.


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Apple Mint

I found sometime ago a variant of mint which was referred to as apple Mint I believe these where grown by victorian horticulturists for the unusal combination of mint and apple they are quite sought after as many have been lost the likely site although an insignificant road margin used to encompass victorian gardens any one know any more about Apple Mints ???