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Observed: 12th August 2012 By: Adriennedelay

Papery case,with something loose inside that feels quite heavy. Found under a plant in my front garden,in Heston near Heathrow.

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might be a seed? what plant was it under

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Hi, There is a pic here of


There is a pic here of empty disused Northern Eggar cocoons and the above object bears a similarity:

A fresh intact N. Eggar cocoon showing partial drying/bleaching due to exposure:


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if it's a cocoon (and it might be) what are the holes?

Also if it's a cocoon then, why not cut it open and see what's inside?

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Not sure about the hole

Not sure about the hole David, take your point about seed too. Papery and rattling is very Eggar cocoon sounding but of course there is no reason it might not be a seed

Might the hole be where it was previously fastened to vegetation, no longer there, it certainly appears that something once went through the surface and out below the hole we can see.


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Certainly looks cocoon like. Could I suggest you edit this entry to be "invertebrate" rather than "other organism", more chance relevant experts will see it that way.

David Howdon