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Observed: 12th August 2012 By: amantell20amantell20’s reputation in Invertebratesamantell20’s reputation in Invertebratesamantell20’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Thanks again!

Thank you Alan - I am so impressed with your identification skills! As suggested I have moved it into invertebrates. Incidentally do you know if this is an uncommon species? The NBN gateway suggests only 7 or so records for glamorgan, but I know the NBN data is unreliable insofar as there is often a lot of data missing?

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Quite common I think

Oh goody, now I get some more invertebrate "reputation". Having plant and fungal "expert" badges, I am not allowed any extra reputation symbols in those groups. Childish I know ...

Anyhow, I don't go hunting for galls and am not involved in their recording, but I do see this one quite a lot. I think it is most often on Juncus articulatus, but certainly not confined to it.

In this case, the stem leaves and habit of the plant point to that species.

(By the way, if anyone objects to my use of the word "hemipterous", this is based on the Hemiptera and Homoptera having been put back together after being separated for a while.)