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Another ID puzzle, no reputation in other

The case is posted in other organisms, the 1st id'd gooseneck barnacle sure as can be (no agreements), & mine common goose barnacle (6 people agree with this). Yet it's standing ( & how do you find this except by choosing observations then other organisms then the observer's name?), is initial id gooseneck barnacle. Of course none of the id-ers had any reputation; so how do you get a likely id in other organisms?



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You cannot

Other organisms is an odd category, the only things I've ever observed that really fits in there are slime moulds.

In this case ideally the poster should edit this entry and move it to the invertebrates category, then reputations would work.

Failing that every so often someone from the iSpot team has gone through the "other organism" entries moving them to the correct category. Not sure when (if ever) they will have time to do so again.

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have shifted it to inverts.

have shifted it to inverts. yes we used to go through other organisms and move them to more appropriate sections if they were wrongly in there but little time for this kind of thing.

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Would it be possible

to give a few trusted members (perhaps those with expert badges) the ability to do this so it doesn't just fall to team iSpot?

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Why don't you allow badged

Why don't you allow badged experts to move things into the correct categories? It would mean a lot less work for the iSpot team.

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This might be nice but I

This might be nice but I think there were some problems in implementing it. I will mention it again.