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Chenopdium album leaf miner

Observed: 11th August 2012 By: Jonathan
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Chenopdium album leaf miner

Leaves scanned at 1200 dpi with a Canon scanner

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Thanks, Robert. Without the

Thanks, Robert. Without the larvae I came to a full stop in the key and so went wrong, it would seem. Good argument for multi-access keys like the ones we have in iSpot.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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a duplicate

..caused by a double click on my mouse. It's time this 'facility' became impossible! Or that a 5 minute rule (to delete) was allowed

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In these cases one should not add an agreement with some justification and supporting evidence.
I spent an age, recently, on this and it make me feel comfortable about Rob's ID.
I spent even longer on, unrelated in many respects but giving me a decent grounding in the genera.
Robert has a reference to Pegomya hyoscyami (which might be the culprit) but the mine [is] indistinguishable from P. exilis or P. hyoscyami -

Jonathan, it is never wise to place hotlinks in the ID panel, they almost never form properly and, in any case, cannot be edited afterwards should they fail. Best then in Description, which never gets locked. Here it is, hot and willing
Without the larvae, or preferably a bred-through adult, this ID cannot, safely, be expanded.
I am here because I researched ALL Pegomya posts before writing my own - always wise.
Hurry back Robert!