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Observed: 9th July 2012 By: Mark at MagdalenMark at Magdalen’s reputation in PlantsMark at Magdalen’s reputation in PlantsMark at Magdalen’s reputation in PlantsMark at Magdalen’s reputation in PlantsMark at Magdalen’s reputation in Plants

Other species I think I can see include Angelica sylvestris(Wild Angelica),Armeria maritima (Thrift), Dactylis glomerata(Cock's-foot),Galium verum (Lady's Bedstraw), Lotus corniculatus (Bird's-foot-trefoil),Plantago coronopus (Buck's-horn Plantain), Plantago lanceolata (Ribwort Plantain), Plantago maritima(Sea Plantain),
Primula veris(Cowslip)? could be Primrose, Senecio jacobaea(Common Ragwort),Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion)? and Thymus polytrichus (Wild Thyme). Anything else? Anything I have got wrong?

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Great photo and you seem to have most things covered. Are those Lady's Bedstraw and Common Knapweed on the right hand side?


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Grasses & stuff

OK, I got sucked into this while having my morning coffee. :-)
I have looked at the photo in Photoshop for higher magnification and confirmed a couple of things.

I don't see any Cock's-foot Grass, though this may just be that the caffeine hasn't reached all (or any) of my brain cells yet.

There is a clump of Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus) somewhat above and right of centre (tall, pinkish inflorescences). On turf ledges at the top and also on the rock face there is Red Fescue (Festuca rubra) (thin, wiry leaves). That on the rock face is undoubtedly subsp. juncea (current Stace nomenclature; it might be better called subsp. pruinosa though this is a non-pruinose variant). On turf ledges top right the fescue looks more like the common, inland subsp. rubra.

Just poking into the photo, top-right, is False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) (also other leaves in the photo that look like this). On the turf ledge at the top there is an inflorescence of Rye Grass (Lolium perenne). Sticking up above the dandelions are inflorescences of Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) and there other leaves in the photo. Also there is much Glaucous Sedge (Carex flacca), plenty of leaves and a few fruiting stems amongst the grasses.

Top left there is Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) - looks like subsp. atlanticum - to be expected in coastal north-west Scotland and not agressively weedy as compared with the common subsp. aquilinum).

Finally, I think those leaves are Primrose, not Cowslip - much the more likely in this location/habitat.


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grasses and stuff

Good game?

There appears to be another fern and a composite towards the edge on the right hand side of the picture - can't identify however


Mark Wilson

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I looked at that (the fern)

If I am looking at the same fern, I think it is a scrap of young Bracken - I came to that conclusion before I realised there was much bigger Bracken at the right of the photo. It doesn't look like anything else to me (though I do now need another caffeine input).

Composite - do you mean the Knapweed (Centaurea nigra) already pointed out by Ophrys? There are some composite leaves that I think are the same.

Yes, good game, and having been on seacliffs in W. Sutherland for much of the past week, I have found it a good distraction from what I am supposed to be doing!


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Probably yes to both - though

Probably yes to both - though composite might have been an Hieracium but have now seen seedheads.

This also has stopped me doing other things today!

Perhaps an opportunity for a gameshow - speed identification have had tree identification races for children.


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Thanks for all your comments

Thanks for all your comments particularly AlanS's id of the grasses. I think on the left and out of focus is a patch of Sea Campion.

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I am trawling History - more of us should!
Mark, I MUST say this picture is a delight and we don't need Photoshop to investigate detail - so I agree about the Bracken..
Alan's input is spectacular - oh that he had the time, energy and coffee to give us far more in these modern times. And others have come too with pearls. Bring back posts like this (habitat!)- I might!
So, might I contribute here? Is that Buck's-horn Plantain Plantago coronopus I see? Or maybe it's plain old maritima (I don't think so)? Where? Just left and below the lowermost pale rock (about twenty-five to seven in the pic!)

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The grid ref and location (1 Waterstein) do not agree. The sea cliff is clearly not at 1 Waterstein! I'm guessing the grid ref is right and you were staying at 1 Waterstein -?