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Various plants

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Various plants

Grateful for any ids expecially of the small yellow plants. Hi def picture, can be zoomed.

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Common rest-harrow

Thanks for suggestion, Chris, I'll check plant in detail next week (if not mown by then) against the guide now I know where to start.

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Yellow plants

Don't seem to have terminal spikes on the leaflets, so probably Trifolium dubium.


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small yellow plants

The small yellow plants are either a medick (Medicago) or one of the yellow trefoils (Trifolium pro parte) - I'd need to see fruits and foliage to be sure of an identity, but there may be enough of a fruit visible to call it as lesser trefoil (Trifolium dubium).

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Small yellow plants

I agree with the above comments. Fairly sure they are T. dubium.