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Austrian Pine ?

Observed: 4th May 2008 By: MrGMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in Plants
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Two-needled pine.

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Pinus nigra subsp. nigra?

I agree that with needles >10cm it is likely to be one of the Pinus nigra subsps. or P. pinaster. However in this good photo we can also see the cone shape which is rather unlike that of P. pinaster. On the information we have might this not equally be P. nigra subsp. maritima? The tree shape doesn't seem to help much on this specimen. I have a feeling that the leaves of subsp. nigra have finely toothed margins and subsp. maritima doesn't but I can't find where I read that so I may be wrong. Anyone know?

Chris Metherell
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Subsp maritima (aka laricio) has longer, softer and finer needles - see for example Collins British Trees (Paul Sterry) states that subsp nigra has needles with finely toothed margins but says nothing about subsp. maritima.