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Observed: 8th August 2012 By: Peter Bayliss

Large caterpillar (75 mm long prior to getting camera shy) seen in the peat bog near the source of the River Severn.

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Hi, I should have added some


I should have added some notes here I think, a fox larva is black with bright orange bands when immature, when mature the banding is gone and its hairs are quite long, dark grey with silvery tips. A burnished orange colouration remains within the hairs nearer the body but the banding is much less obvious in the mature caterpillar

The Oak Eggar/Northern Eggar larva looks like this, chestnut with narrow black bands and white blotches on the flank from an early instar and keeps this appearance until it is mature as this one is at 7.5cm.

Oak Eggar larvae mature earlier than Fox larvae in my area here in Co Antrim, the Eggars are mature now while the foxes wont be fully grown until late September. This is definitely an Oak Eggar caterpillar.