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Unknown small moth

Observed: 17th July 2010 By: devenishdevenish’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unknown small moth

I have held this photo for a long time, hoping to get a better shot. I continue to see this very small moth infrequently, including today, but never got a better picture. I have eventually decided to see if the original picture is sufficient

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A definite P.purpuralis not P. ostrinalis

I realise I am a bit late in commenting here! This is such a great photo of an absolute slam-dunk purpuralis that I'm thinking of getting it framed (metaphorically...).

I just wanted to point out the features which separate it from ostrinalis (and aurata for that matter): a clear pale postmedian crescent on the hindwing without another subterminal line, and a subterminal straight but faint streak on the forewing rather than a clear curve.

Short of getting one to land on glass I can't think of a better photo of the underside of a live one!

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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Mint Moths

Yep a good type photo Well done on that !!!


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