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More expert than an expert?


The ID suggested by Syrphus (five badges but not tagged as an expert) is the likely ID despite another ID by David Norton (tagged as an expert). No agreements with either ID.

Should this be possible?



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Maybe the reputation

Maybe the reputation continues to accumulate even though the maximum five badges has been reached? Experts don't accumulate more reputation so maybe a non-expert could eventually accrue more reputation than an expert with enough agreements?

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I know reputation continues to accumulate (the number of badges is capped at five but the numerical scale does not) so that may well be what has happened.

From descriptions of how iSpot works I'm still not sure that it is *supposed* to be possible for someone not badged as an expert to trump someone badged as an expert.

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I agree that on the face of it something odd has happened with this one! Will investigate and report back.

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Working now

It seems the right way round now so whatever you did it obviously worked.

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All I did was to report the issue to my colleague Richard! Looks like he has fixed it.

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Perhaps he has a Keys to the computer Martin .
Some good tweaking at the moment on i-spot Eg Habitats rural or urban . Better mapping , and other hard work.

Best Wishes