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Fox tries to see if a hedgehog is edible!

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Hedgehog vs fox

I assume the hedgehog got away. If it did this is likely to be a young fox as an adult would not mess about it would turn the hedgehog over, open it up and bite into the unprotected stomach; they are very good at it usually.

Graham Banwell

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Hedgehog 1 Fox 0

Hi Graham

Yes the hedgehog survived! The fox went back to it's nightly treat of left over cat food and the hedgehog ambled off. We thought it must be a young fox who has been visiting us for about a month now.We have to admit that we were not aware that foxes manage to eat hedgehogs,hope he doesn't get too efficient at eating them as we have about 3 hedgehogs that visit us most nights and they are usually in the garden at the same time as the fox.Thank you for the very interesting information.


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Super series of photos. A

Super series of photos. A young animal would experiment but Ouch! Hardly an experience to be repeated ...

A healthy Hedgehog will roll into a tight ball to protect its underparts, so a Fox wouldn't find an unprotected area to eat. This is a very effective defense mechanism & nothing but a ball of spikes is left. Those spines are very sharp! Foxes do, though, eat a lot of carrion & Hedgehogs, sadly, are often victims of road rage.