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What dragonfly?

Observed: 8th August 2012 By: BruceHBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in Invertebrates
Common Darter
Common Darter

This dragonfly was caught by a Wasp Spider in scrub near a lake in Catalonia.

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Eye colour.

You've noticed that the eye colour doesn't really fit Common Darter. Also look at the pterostigma, and have another try!

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Keeled Skimmer

I considered O.coerulescens but rejected it in favour of S. striolatum mainly on the grounds of the black on the last few segments. To what extent are abdominal markings diagnostic?

However, the pterostigma is right for O. coerulescens, as is the eye colour.

I have revised the ID to Keeled Skimmer.

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No. You are correct with it being a darter - just not the species!

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Red-veined Darter

I think it must be a Red-veined Darter (at last I may have got it!). It looks as though she is laying her eggs while being eaten...?

At the same time and place I also took a rather poor photo of m & f joined together in flight. I will put this in as a separate Observation.