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Beetle: Poecilus sp?

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: robertsona14robertsona14’s reputation in Invertebratesrobertsona14’s reputation in Invertebrates

Coppery/green beetle, 1.3 cm long, found in Dumfriesshire garden.

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Poecilus cupreus / P. versicolor

I don't think the image is clear enough to separate these two species with the key I have. You need to be able to see if there is any puncturation between the eyes, plus the form of the setae on the inner side of the hind tibia. (Using Luff 'Carabidae' (2007), other keys might use alternative features.)

P. cupreus is also larger on average (11-13mm vs 10.5-12.5mm) which makes it seem more likely, but again I wouldn't want to separate them on this image which looks about 12.5mm.

The book also mentions "outer pronotal fovea nearer to the outer margin" but doesn't illustrate the difference.

An experienced coleopterist would probably be able to make the call.


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Two possible Poecilus

As you say, it's one of these two - the features are easy enough to determine with a specimen or a really clear photo, but just aren't visible here. My feeling is that it's cupreus and the pronotal fovea looks right, but personally I don't think it's a definite record to species level,


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Poecilus cupreus / P. versicolor

Thanks, David and Dave, for your very helpful comments. Beetles are such a nightmare! If I find another one I now know what to look for. Thanks again.